Milone is back again for another week

Just got the members news…Milone is back for another week
Basically the same side with Edwards getting the no17
Bukes and MCK 18 and 19th men

What will the Prop rotation? Can Aioli do a job there. Edwards is a backrower isn’t he?

Milone selection stuns me.

Oh no surely the side will change come Sunday

How Milone is ahead of Chee-Kam is the greatest mystery to ever be solved on this earth

milone was the best player on the field vs the knights. too bad he was playing for the other team

Also all specialist back rowers on the bench no props. lol nice

I wonder what players like Chee Kam, Peni and Heleta think they have to do in ordr to make first grade? Probably find a new club which is wiling to give them a decent chance. Ironically Wests Tigers is not a strong club full of top class first graders but so many of our lower grade young players, underated by the club,have taken the path to new clubs and found chances and success not provided by Wests Tigers. Wests Tigers have only themselves to blame for their dismal on field performances over the last few years.

Edwards has played prop. Alioai plays like a prop. But if we’re 1-17 we’d have to play out of our skins to win, simply not enough quality there. Far too many players who clock off or make mistakes on a regular basis.

Teddy and Grant are the only ones exempt from the above so far this season.


Also all specialist back rowers on the bench no props. lol nice

To me this is the biggest issue plus the only prop there is Buchanan.

@Mighty Tiger:

what a joke

The joke is on us supporters, perpertrated by a clueless coach. 😠

Wow…. That will do me!!! They can stick their membership.


Also all specialist back rowers on the bench no props. lol nice

Maybe Taylor is Sheens in disguise. Timmy always liked his 2ndrowers as well.

The cops are looking for JT. Charging him with “Sheens-like Team Selections,” the general community has had enough and he must be punished

I feel for this kid… He doesnt deserve the bashing he cops.

My heart sank when he dropped that ball with a minute to go knowing what was to come via social media for him and his family.

He doesnt pick the team!

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