More Free to Air Raiders

Raiders push for free-to-air games
08 Apr, 2010 08:02 AM
Raiders chief Don Furner believes his club deserves more free-to-air coverage, after promising ratings during last week’s loss to Wests Tigers at Canberra Stadium.

More than 723,000 people tuned in to Channel Nine to watch the Sunday afternoon fixture. It was the Raiders’ first free-to-air home game in two years and the third time they had been free to air since the start of the 2009 season.

‘‘A good crowd of over 17,000 at the ground and a TV audience of 723,000 shows people want to see the Raiders more on free-to-air,’’ Furner said. ‘‘We have shown Sunday afternoon footy is popular here in Canberra on free-to-air and we would love the chance to feature at home on a Friday night as well.’’

lol its funny how he thinks people tuned in to see the raiders play

In the words of darryl kerrigan “tell him he’s dreamin”

OFFICIAL STATS: 720000 Wests tigers fans tuned in
3000 Raiders fans tuned in (thats most of canberra actually 😆 )

Still….cant blame them for having a go and they do play an entertaining brand…maybe if the punters saw more of them things would snowball for them. No doubt the majority of the audience tuned it to watch the Tigers though hence the amount of free to air we get these days.

The deserve more coverage to encourage potential sponsorship for their club due to increased exposure.

They aren’t the worst side to watch and have a number of exciting prospects so I don’t see why they don’t get more games.

yeh i wouldn’t want to be the marketing dept trying to pitch for a $300,000 sponsorship deal on the back of 3 free to air games every 12 months lol not easy!

so glad we have plenty of free to air cos no way i could afford foxtel!

go nbn!!! :slight_smile:

I would rather watch the Raiders run around on FTA than the Panthers, Sharks or 2010 Broncos

It is time all teams got a fair go with free to air games. It also gives unfair advantage to some. The Dragons have had 5 Fridays in a row. That must make each week for them very structured and manageable in preparation for each game.

exactly as much as it helps with ratings etc clubs all need a fair go especially with 3 free to air games a week thats six teams a week on free. surely each club could get between 6 and 10 games a year on there. even if it is not the highest rating games i think the independent commision could come in and help change this where they set out all the matches instead of the networks

I don’t know why he’d want games on nine’s sunday footy when it’s an hour delayed.

Most people have foxtel anyway and also have the benefit of watching it live.

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