Denny Solomona

Ok… Well I know you guys don’t like Ali’s Facebook NRL Rumours but he is reporting that the Wests Tigers are close to signing Denny Solomona from Castleford Tigers…

Looking at his profile he is a big Fullback/Centre, which is exactly what we need,

190 CM

1. James Tedesco
2. David Nofoluma
3. Kevin Niaqama
4. Denny Solomona
5. Tim Simona

Could be great if true,

NOTE the word (IF)


Haven’t watched too much ESL this season but Cas put 50 on Leeds the other night, so he must be OK.

Freakish finisher I’ll try attach a link of this try he scored.

Big boy who can finish and is reliable in the air is exactly what we need in a winger IMO

He has scored many tries like this btw!

He scored a pretty spectacular try in that win over Leeds too.

Hmm, we do need a good centre…

Can never have too many Mona’s…Denny is a good player…

Ali’s strike rate is not that great tho…hope this dart hits the board…

Don’t know much about Ali’s Facebook page, but what is his track record like.

My thoughts are Ali is rarely correct and I’ll wait to someone with more gravitas repeats the rumour. Ali might have mixed up the tea leaves.

Can he kick goals and make good defensive reads?

Sign him up for next week to replace Naiqama please.

Player exchange for Rankin please.

Saw him earlier this year and he looks a superb footballer.

Sign Denny Solomona to replace one of our non-performing backs who were ingloriously on show today.

Don’t watch much of the ESL, if he can hold a ball, run straight and read defence then sign him up.

I am wary reading too much into ESL form. Rankin was a gun over there, but does not stand out over here. Mark Flanagan goes alright, maybe we can get him back.

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