VOTE: Brooks or Moses

Okay, let’s end the debate with a vote.
Hypothetically speaking - at seasons’ end, we had no choice but to only keep one of our young halves, which one is it going to be, in your opinion?

Very interested to see the results -
I’d prefer to keep both and see them shine but if it doesn’t work out that way, who’s on the chopping block and why?

I voted for Moses ;
I think he possess a lot of leadership qualities, on field - he’s a talker.
Personally think of the two he’s got the most potential.

I’m a fan of Brooks but I think Moses is our man.

I voted for brooks ,but I feel Moses is the better option in attack ,but his defence is way too poor for nrl . Opposing teams target him and it works every week .

heres the harsh truth, we should be keeping both and the reason why.
u cannot put two young 1/2s into a side that has no go forward or has no size to defend the kids, also the coach has killed what ever they had as attacking players. if every one stopped jumping on them untill, if ever we get a good set of backrowers and then see how they preform over 6-12 weeks, only then should they be judged. it would also help if we had a better coach to help them.

I’m with Demps, Moses is a natural leader who plays with passion.

That really resonates with me!

I was into the ‘keep both’ for a long time. But reality has sunk in and I now am a firm believer in only keeping Moses, in the #7.

But we need to use a sizable #6 who is a good foil (as has been said) and a good defender.

I honestly haven’t seen Brooks direct the team around in 2 years of footy. No mom performances apart from game no 1 and continually goes for the low percentage intercepts.
The first half against the warriors was the best controlled this team had been for ages. This should have been noticed from our coach and rdc2 should have had Moses in the 7 and Brooks in the 6.

@1/4 chicken:

I voted for brooks ,but I feel Moses is the better option in attack ,but his defence is way too poor for nrl . Opposing teams target him and it works every week .

I personally think Moses is a better defender than Brooks.
He doesn’t back down from anyone either.
I can really see him turning into our very own pest/grub (Michael Ennis style) - getting in the heads of other teams, niggle, etc.

defo needs to pack some size on but at the end of the day, Moses is our man and he will be captain one day and so he should.

We have let quality players walk out the door because a decision was made that the two wonder kids was the way forward, so I guess I would stick with both, but to answer the question it is a no brainer, Moses by a country mile. He has skill, attitude and believes in himself. Also if there was only one he would be playing no7 and that is probably where he should be playing

You just got to give them time and reasonable structure (and coach) to play with.
On their day they are both good.
Have not seen them click together …. yet. But it will come.
For me, on this season performance . Moses slightly ahead.

Moses has fight, better defence, is a talker and he has football instincts

Moses is clearly the better option. He possesses excellent vision and passing skills and, although missing a few tackles, he is fearless and has a go in defense. Also, I agree with others that he shows the potential to be a future captain as he is self confident and talks. In contrast, Brooks has not developed as an organizer, is generally awful in defense and does not combine well with Moses, despite being buddies off the field. While, admittedly, being handicapped by a weak forward pack, he should be doing better than he is after over 50 first grade games. Tedesco, Moses, Woods and Sue should be the priority signings for the future.

Over Moses hanging just behind dummy half directing play.

I voted for Moses. Shows a lot more heart and soul. Brooks would have to be the worst defender in the comp by a country mile and teams know that a regularly target him. He’s actually not even FG standard at the moment and needs to go back to reggies and relearn the fundamentals

Moses, it only took 10 mins of watching a training session this pre season to validate what I already thought, Moses is a leader!
He was bounding around like a springbok and talking and organising players around him in defence and attack. Always had a ball in his hands and just oozed enthusiasm, while Brooks just plodded along.
I said from day 1 that Brooks is too quiet of a personality to steer men around on the park nothing’s changed, his football reflects his personality ‘laid back’ waiting.
Halves need to be livewires, like a small dog with small dog complex, tenacious, crafty, have anticipation and be able to read and control a game Brooks doesn’t.

Brooks waits for the stars to align before he starts playing. Good halves put the stars in line.

Moses - daylight - Brooks

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