Moment of truth

For me, tonight’s game is the moment of truth.
1. We were shocking in the first half against the Eagles, picked up in the second half but still damn lucky.
2. We were terrible, full stop, against the Rorters
3. We went well against the Eels but the form the Eels have been showing doesn’t get me too excited about that “great” win.
4. We were absolutely terrible in defense against the Raiders in the first half again. Another lucky escape.

I wouldn’t be betting that they think that they can do a Houdini every game that they give up huge starts on. No, tonight they have to show ticker for 80 minutes. It would be great to come away with a win but I would settle on a close scoring game so long as they really dig in. The 3 wins so far have not convinced me that we have the form to trouble most of the top flight sides. We need to show the others that we are good in attack and defense.

Moment of Truth in the 5th round….

bit presumptuous isnt it?

Sorry, I should wait until round 26 to be presumptious.

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