Farah to SOUTH SYDNEY in 2017..OFFICIAL..

Taylor wasn’t the only one that wanted Farah gone …I think is what GNR is saying…

Some faceless men perhaps…

This is true, I only know one person currently involved in the club and the only thing they ever told me point blank was Farah had to go, and wouldn’t be coming back.

Nonetheless, he actually shed blood for the team and always put in and so over time I’ve become more sympathetic towards him as we’ve seen “people” like Moses come and go.

That’s why I think the best thing is to forgive, forget and move on from the whole 2013-2017 era.

JT was the hatchet man whose main job was to get Farah out of the club imo… JT didn’t last long after that was achieved



It goes deeper than Taylor. Some of you just refuse to get it.

Ok - let us all in on the background story.
Personally I think it was disgusting the way the club handled his exit.
If you know better then spill your guts.

I guess they could have come out said they had depression. That seems to work.


JT was the hatchet man whose main job was to get Farah out of the club imo… JT didn’t last long after that was achieved

That’s how ive viewed the whole situation when it occurred.

Farah like many of us has two sides. I come from a large family and two of them are real goers, really high achievers and always serious - but their downer is that you can’t go anywhere next to them most of the time. Cranky over small matters, wanted everything done yesterday etc etc. But boy have they achieved a lot that ordinary slackers could never do.

Robbies company is called 247 because that’s how many games he played for the Tigers if he came back he would need to rename it


JT was the hatchet man whose main job was to get Farah out of the club imo… JT didn’t last long after that was achieved

All hail JT! Got rid of the most selfish player in the NRL from the Tigers.

Whilst many people don’t like him, he got us within one win of the top 8 (that was the season where we lost to Newcastle with the 2 balls on the field.)

On top of that, you had Simona throwing games.

I’m not saying I’m the biggest fan of JT, but these details need to be remembered.

My take on it….JT was a disaster and had our club in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.
He sent us backwards, and while some will now suggest that he was a hatchet man, I dont believe for a minute when he was hired that it was for any reason other than to coach, and take what was looking like an exciting young team to the next level. He didnt, and it became very clear quickly that he was out of his depth with his inability to get the best from the players he had, and his Taylor Ball that sucked the life from us.
He had limited funds to spend and saw an opportunity to free up cap space by targeting Farah.
He created a picture of a divided roster, which divided the fans, and did little to develop the squad and build on its potential.
The plan backfired resulting in a public and personnel vendetta to get rid of Farah resulting in actions from both men that made us a laughing stock, and impossible for either to remain at the club. The fall out continued after he was sacked, and only with some level headied and quality man management from Cleary and Pascoe things are looking bright for the future.
Those who hate Farah will find ways to spin a positive on his tenure, but his appointment was the worst and most damaging decision the club has made.
If thats how he is remembered as the hatchet man who got rid of a club legend what a sad indictment on a man who thought he could coach.

More proof yet again

Our CURRENT team is performing 100% above our expectations , Recruitment and Retention looking good , Players are showing up every week and giving 110% , Most are happy with the coach ,Management have us heading in the right direction and everything seems stable

Yet here we are arguing about a player at Souths and a coach at the Roosters and a situation that should be so far in everyone’s rear vision mirror it’s not funny

I just don’t get this place sometimes

Wish Robbie and Taylor the best of luck for the future ……

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