Run down..

Was that the first time Bagz has been mowed down in open space last night?? I can’t ever recall a time when this has happened.
Just as expected, Thurston with his never say die attitude was not going to let Benji get the better of him, even if he was running on one nut!!

It was strange to watch. I thought he would have put the foot down and done more zig zagging. Not sure if he decided to find tuquri from the start of the break or whether he just didn’t have the pace.

It just looked like Thurston’s determination was faster than Marshall’s pace!

Surprised me as well but a couple of speedsters were chasing him.

He slowed up half way through. I would not be surprised if it was a hamstring twinge.

Still, it was great work to team up with Lotto and great work by Lotto to be there.

THurston is no slouch on his feet and Benji was also running with ball in hand and looking back to check defence, I think if it were just a straight up race then Bunji would have him covered easily.

Benji is a bludger.

Thurston and Gallant weren’t making a cm on him and he went the zig zag.

And Lotto looked so strong carrying the tacklers over the line, great try from broken play in our half

I could watch Tuqiri drag someone over the line and score like that over and over again.

It’s like “pfft are you really trying to stop me!”


Marshall played with a virus last night Sheens mentioned after the game. Said he was absolutely spent at the end so that may have had something to do with it.

Perhaps Benji thought Ellis had knocked the ball on in the scramble??


Perhaps Benji thought Ellis had knocked the ball on in the scramble??

Not a chance. Benji played the whistle and it was never blown in that movement. He played crook last night.

Benji got caught because he kept looking behind.

I thought his weaving and waiting for support were a sign of a maturing team player more than anything.

He keeps going and he may have made it but he may also have been mowed down and it is easy to lose a ball landing the wrong way on the ground. Instead he engages both chasers and hands it off to Lote after drawing the chaser left of the uprights.

It was excellent patience and decision making

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