James Graham's take on it

England skipper James Graham says Zak Hardaker would be a star in the NRL if he makes the move from Super League.
Source: AAP
22 Jun 2016 - 5:30 AM UPDATED 14 HOURS AGO

England skipper James Graham believes Zak Hardaker can be the latest British player to make an impact in the NRL, if he makes the move to Australia.

Hardaker wants to be the latest England player to try his hand in the NRL, and has been linked to a move to Wests Tigers and Gold Coast.

Still under contract to Leeds, the 24-year-old Hardaker has been slapped with a transfer fee of almost $600,000 by the Super League club, which might scare off some potential suitors.

However, Graham believes if given the chance the reigning Super League Man of Steel can be a hit in Australia.

“Zak is a great character and he is a quality rugby league player,” Graham said.

"I have been fortunate enough to be friends and teammates with him for a number of years now

"There are a few boys who have decided to head back to England, Zak is one of those young lads who has verbalised that he wants to come over here and test himself in this league so hopefully he gets the opportunity to do that

"I’m looking forward to him hopefully realising those dreams.

"He is really keen to come over it has been on his radar for a while.

England international Tom Burgess is also a big Hardaker fan.

“He is a great player, he killed it in 2015 and he got Man of Steel,” Burgess said.

"I have played with him a few times now and he is very good player, in the backfield there he has that Sam Tomkins style of play.

“It would be good to see him here. The more national players here the better it is for our national team.”

Mike Cooper, Greg Eden and Joe Burgess are three English players who will return to Super League from the NRL at the end of the year.

He’s going to Penrith - swap for Segyaro. I would suspect they will play him at FB and move Moylan to 5/8. They will have a pretty hot backline.

If he is as good as Tomkins then Penrith have just bought an expensive reserve grader.

Segeyaro supposedly has a get out clause if an NRL club picks him up


If he is as good as Tomkins then Penrith have just bought an expensive reserve grader.

Yep pretty ordinary. If he was serious he’d stay for less money and earn his way but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Very hard to make a call on him, he has been coming off the bench and playing a handful of minutes at the back end of games. Penrith backline is a very hard gig to get a run. If he wanted the same sort of money Nagamia is on I would consider him and the fact that he can kick is a bonus

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