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Almost every week this year the Bulldogs forward pack has been consistently dominated by their opposing forward pack. Heard this morning that Hannant is unlikely to play against us as he is very unwell after the dogs match. Without Hannant and with Ennis playing as poorly as he has been do you think that their forward pack is going to possibly be able to overcome ours with the form that we are in?
I personally think that if we turn up with the right attitude this week (provided Galloway is back) we will be able to out muscle the dogs and even rack up a decent score.

The dogs pack is looking more like a one man wolf pack.

The Bulldogs find themselves in the unusual position of having a small forward pack for a change, and with their style of play, they’re not used to it and it’s no surprise they are struggling. If the Tigers recover well and are switched on for this game, I reckon they can cause some real damage to the Bulldogs, particularly if Hannant is missing. I don’t know where the Bulldogs will get another big metre eater from if he is out as none of their forwards are really chewing up big metres. Farah is now starting to show some good form, plus the likes of Heighno, Ellis and Fulton are all in good form, plus Fifita has been impressive off the bench in all his games and going up against a small pack will suit him even more with his strength and fend.

The Tigers have to be switched on though, we’ve seen what they are like when they aren’t switched on, and we’ve seen what they can do when they are.


… and with Ennis playing as poorly as he has been :sign:

Ennis is playing poorly? Not according to Laurie Daley 😮

And now back to reality… If we turn up enthused, we’ve got too much for them in the forwards. Robbie will be primed for a huge game against Loz’s Lover.

Jeez I hope the play Babrba to start or put him on early. Heighno will destroy that over-rated speed bump.

The Dogs pack seems to be full of worker right now. Paea and Hodgson missing is a massive help to us and if Hannant is missing it will be another boost.

However we have our own issues as well with injury and two tough away games in our recent weeks.

I don’t think it will be a walkover but I would hope we will get the money

The dogs pack has no mobility either and are all slow. They are going to struggle with our quicker men darting up through the ruck.

We SHOULD win, but I’ve seen tigers side lose a lot of these games before.

This year is looking different in my opinion.

Their foward pack are really struggling to get on top of others pack this year

None are taking big, hard hit-ups with Hannant the exception

Defense is really struggling starting with the men up front

Some of the pack members have size but are lazy i.e Hickey, Gordon

I don’t see how their pack can get on top of us come Friday

No Hannant will be huge for us. Hopefully they don’t decide that this is the round to fire up.

Fafita cleared to play shouldn’t hurt uor chances of getting over their pack.

Kevin Moore seems like a pretty astute Coach to me. He gave his first coaching spray to his team after they lost to the Warriors last weekend… I expect them to be more than ready for this game. I’ve hated the doggies for a long time… mostly because you can never write them off. They nicked a game from us early last when we thought they were easy pickings.

You’re also completely mad if you think Ennis isn’t going to lift his game when he is playing Robbie Farah. (Ennis lifting his game involves him being even more of a pest/grub than usual).

Kimmorley’s tactics are outdated. Last year he brought back that old ‘Flat Attack’ style that he used when Playing for Chris Anderson at the Storm and Sharks. Its rubbish… But it surprised a lot of teams last year who weren’t expecting it or not used to defending against it. This year is different and everyone is a little bit wiser. He never gives his outside backs any early ball… loves playing forwards into gaps, (like andrew johns but not as good) always trying to pull the same one pass tries, and he ALWAYS has to be the one to kick.

if we go in with the right attitude we win

if we go in thinking we’ll win we won’t

its as simple as that

Ennis lifting his game relies on the Dogs pack getting upper hand….even robbie struggles when our forwards are getting smashed.

The danger for me is Morris…scoring early and getting his tail up. Centre defence is crucial, on the flip side tho, target Idris with pace and options…he’s hopeless defender


if we go in with the right attitude we win

if we go in thinking we’ll win we won’t

its as simple as that

I agree.
no game is easy to win.
you still have to turn up and play, and defend well, and be switched on from kick off.
the bulldogs pack when goes forward causes lots of problems.
look how they punished the roosters not long ago

If we do win please do yourselves a favour and go and look at the Bulldogs fan site The Keenel. It is always good for a laugh

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