These are the options being considered for the halves!!!

According to the SMH:

“With Robert Lui already sidelined for the next two or three weeks with an ankle injury, Sheens will have to find a stop-gap halves partner for Benji Marshall with both his best halfback options out of play.

The likelihood is that Marshall will take the halfback role and that utility Daniel Fitzhenry will be shifted in to five-eighth.

The Tigers’ best option outside of Fitzhenry would appear to be Balmain Ryde halfback Blake Lazarus, but he is yet to play in the NRL. Arana Taumata, who has NRL experience, is out with an ankle problem.

Sheens may, though, decide to shift Robbie Farah out of dummy half to play halfback.”

I hope Sheens haslearnt from his past mistakes…but if the above is correct, it’s obvious he hasn’t!!..Marshall must be kept wide at 5/8 and either Lazarus or AJ must be brought in to play half!..Even Waters from Wests is a better option than the above!!!

I thought that Lazarus had warmed up with the side previously when Moltzen was struggling with an injury. This to me suggests he is considered the next best option.

As Centaur said Lazarus warmed up for the Canberra game so I am sure that he would be first choice to take over from Moltz, it is only Monday people and there is no way old shifty sheens would give another team extra time to plan for our new halfback….at least I hope this is the case!!

Even if one of these options is listed in the official team tomorrow, I highly doubt that it will be the starting side. Sheens has a history of not naming rookies in the team list, I will hoping until I see the side run out that Blake will be our starting half

Every rookie needs to play firsts soooner or later and I think this is actually a pretty good time to blood Lazarus… This game is not ‘do-or-die’, nor is it against the best side in the comp and thus is not carrying the sort of pressures those games bring to young players.

And obviously, slotting him in at 7 causes least disruption to the team structure.

It’s not as if it would be out of the blue for him either because as stated he did warm up with the side at Canberra so the young fella has obviously had plenty of time with the sqaud, coaching about playing in the team and time to get things clear in his head.

I have not seen Lazarus play yet but after reading the many complimentary posts about him I was actually excited to see him at Canberra thinking he was going to get a run. So hopefully it will happen for us all this Friday!

That is just speculation by an SMH journalist.
I really hope they give Blake a run. Isn’t Taumata due back from injury this week too?

It’s only fitting that Blake Lazarus gets a run. He’s had two knee reconstructions and he deserves the shot. He’s had more injuries than most people will have in their career. Give him a shot and let their be a bit of competition when Lui gets back from their injury. I also really want to see AJ get a run. I can just picture AJ going to another club if he is not given a run. He is worthy of a bench position, and i reckon he would fill basically every position in the backline.

I think people should relax, until they see the team run out on Friday night. Makes no sense complaining about what hasn’t happened yet.

Everyone’s head can explode if Fitzhenry actually runs out and plays halfback.


I think people should relax, until they see the team run out on Friday night. Makes no sense complaining about what hasn’t happened yet.

Everyone’s head can explode if Fitzhenry actually runs out and plays halfback.

If Fitzy makes the run on side we are in trouble…some bad defensive lapses by him last weekend nearly cost us…and he offfered nothing in attack…crabbed across the field as he always does…sorry there are better options than Fitzy!

I get the feeling if Lazarus is to play that Sheens will give away as little as possible to put next to no pressure on the young man.

I’m hoping he is picked to give him an opportunity as well as to cause as little disruption to the balance of the rest of the side.

I still have nightmares about the thrashing the Bulldogs gave the Tigers in round 2 of 2006. Marshall broke his cheek bone in round 1 against the Dragons (and Fulton was injured for the season) and so Fitzhenry played 5/8 outside of Prince.

The Tigers were in the game for a while before the Bulldogs steam rolled them. Farah played the entire second half of the match with a broken hand, Gibbs took on O’Meley and was schooled and left the game with concussion. (The image of Mason standing over and taunting a concussed Gibbs made me so mad) I’ll always contend that that match set Gibbs’ career back at least 2 seasons.

I still think of that match as one of the worst ever games to watch.

I was planning to take a big group out to the sfs but i can’t pay an entry fee knwowing Fiztzy may be our 5/8.

TV for me until this is clarrified.

He is also facing a tripping charge, so that may throw a spanner in the works.

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