Andrew Fifita- Judiciary News

Not charged.

Free to play !!


Good stuff. He’ll reek havoc off the bench against a tired Bulldog ruck defense.

excelllent news. great player. great offloads, great runs, could be bigger then sam burgess one day

There is some good news to start the week. He seems to get better every game he plays. He will be an important player on Friday.

Any word on how long O’Donnell is looking at Bug?

The kid will be a superstar if he can stay level-headed. There arent few many better coaches than Sheens to ensure that his development is managed properly.


Any word on how long O’Donnell is looking at Bug?

3 to 4 weeks.

another solid game

both he and Flanno have been excellent this year!

Any idea on Lazarus’ tripping charge?

NSWRL has not released any charges as yet.

If there are no charges they don’t post anything at all. It’s a very hit & miss thing

ahh, so quality administration then.
Thanks for the info.

Good news for Fifita and the Tigers. I reckon he’ll take a liking to the Dogs pack the way they are going at the moment.

… wonderful news …
The way dogs are playing… he will tear to shreds…

Does anyone think his brother David can do the same & step up to 1st grade, i’ve only seen limited time of him playing for bret… but they are twins they have the same body shape to work with… comments

David is a little ways off yet.

He may or may not play this week. Was given the dreaded moon boot after the game. Complained about the colour of it and was told he could paint it pink if he wanted but had to change it back when he was done

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