Kurt Capewell

  • What was it everyone has been asking for - a goal kicking centre/second rower?

    He was good for Ipswich in the Queensland Cup last year (which is why Cronulla picked him up) and I thought he looked good in his NRL debut the other week. I didn’t realise he kicked goals until the State Cup game on the weekend against us. Did anyone that was there notice how he went?

    Highlights reel from QCup2015:

    Under contract to the Sharks for next year but those things seem pretty negotiable these days…

  • He’s been going very well. Was excellent the previous weeks when Newtown blew Norths away in the second half. A really good goal kicker too. Has a very easy action and makes great contact.

  • Think he kicked 4/5 for the jets.

    Although i can’t recall if it was his position, veery one of the tigers tries was scored through their right-hand defence near the posts. Second rowers and 5/8 were certainly culpable for basically every try except JAC’s length of the field. If he was on the right then his defence was woeful, if he was left then he was fairly anonymous - not such a bad thing perhaps though when your team has 40 put on them!

  • He’s a very good player, I rate him highly. Pleasure to know the bloke as well!

    I mentioned him while he was playing against our cup side last week and he was a standout. Absolutely nailed a conversion from the sideline which means he can kick, has a high work rate with brilliant footwork before he hits the line.

    I wish we were interested but he’s loyal to the sharkies and I don’t see him leaving anyway.

  • No better than we already have,some players just need to be given an opportunity.

  • Looks like he is happy on either side of the field too which is handy.

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