Who's Going....

….to the WSFS on Friday Night…

To see the Mighty Wests Tigers fresh from 2 gutsy wins on the road…Smash the Dogs back to the Kennel

Match Ups everywhere…

Farah V Ennis
Lortay V Goodwin
Ellis V Ryan
Our No 7 V Kimmorely
Lawrence V Idris…Hahahahahah
Benji undefeated V the Scumdogs

C’mon Wests Tigers supporters get there in numbers…

I’ll be there …Can’t Wait… :sign:

I’ll be there with 4 of my family. Go you mighty tigers!

i would have to be on my death bed not to turn up

me & 22 mates!!!
17 tiges 6 dogs
Hopefully 17 of us will be singing eye of the Tiger at the end!!!

nup….unfortunately I’m away, but I’ll be watching it live at least

I will be yelling bad rude words to Mr Ennis …his first name should be Paul or Peter, Patrick or Phil…really.

At this stage yes. Pending any disasters at work of course

Yep I’ll be there.


Is it safe??

lol, if you need a body guard to make you feel safe i will do it lol

BTW why did you wanna know if i had tiger number plates for?

I vowed never to go to another Dogs game a few years back after their antics after the game… but I think i’ll put that aside and get out there Friday night!


Yes, looking forward to it and hopefully a Tigers win. Plus its another SFS game to cross off the calendar before we can get back to our real home grounds.

Me and 3 mates. See yaz at the pub before hand !!

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