**Live game thread** Us vs the Eels

Big 2 points up for grabs… Cmon boys

Parramatta look keen so far and have a penalty on our line.

Surprised the Eels are taking the 2.

Down 2-0 after 6 minutes.

Woods has been penalised for the same play at least 3 times this year. Wonder when he learns? Even if they don’t penalise, they will likely call him for knock on or 6 again. Dumbest play possible.

We’re on the backfoot early here.


How is that a penalty…

Agree. But why doesn’t Woods ever question the ref - he has the right to…

Tigers penalty, this will help us out of our half.

Eels throwing the ball around a bit

now we get a penalty

And Tedesco loses the ball on the last.

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