WESTS Tigers Team V Cowboys...

1. James Tedesco
2. David Nofoaluma
3. Tim Simona
4. Kevin Naiqama
5. Jordan Rankin

6. Mitchell Moses
7. Jack Littlejohn

8. Aaron Woods
9. Dene Halatau
10. Sauaso Sue
11. Josh Aloiai
12. Chris Lawrence
13. Elijah Taylor

14. Kyle Lovett
15. Ava Seumanufagai
16. Tim Grant1
17. Joel Edwards
18. Michael Chee-Kam


Good to see LJ at halfback, hopefully means he will be playing DH.

Keeping Rankin on the wing when we need some sort of advantage which we could offer in JAC is just plain stupid on JT’s behalf. That bench offers nothing, Lovett can’t keep getting selected to have a 20 minute stint and make himself look like an absolute goose in the centres.

Outside of Rankin still on the wing, It’s a good side. Thurston wasn’t named either so that’s a massive help

One forced like for like change to a wining team, so can’t complain too much.

Glad another wish comes true, Littlejohn gets a gig

Lets get them 2 points sunday

Happy with the straight swap at #7. Disappointed to not see Cherrington on the bench, but I assume Littlejohn may spend some time there with Lawrence at #6.
Not sure how Rankin keeps getting picked, but it’s a minor annoyance. Either way, don’t want to see him at hooker. If we absolutely have to do so, then I’d rather MCK on the bench than Lovett, given he’s more adept at covering centre.

Someone erupt already!

Farah named in NSW Cup.


Someone erupt already!

Hold on till game day, steam coal takes time


Someone erupt already!

Why??? Its what was always going to be named. :deadhorse:

I am thinking we might see Littlejohn shift to hooker, Rankin to halfback and MCK to centre come game day.

Not sure who would drop out of the side, possibly Edwards or Lovett?

O.K. ME, JLJ IS A WASTE OF SPACE he is in the same class as lovett and edwards , JT is so pigheaded we have to hookers in NSW CUP and none in 1ST grade. can see us getting a hammering on sunday, hope all the JT lovers will be happy, and just to show how gracious i can be , if we win i will write a glowing report on JT.

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