Referees: Gerard Sutton, Alan Shortall
Sideline Officials: Jeff Younis, Ricky MacFarlane
Video Referees: Bernard Sutton, Matt Cecchin, Luke Patten

Well Well Well…. :bash

Lets face it, could have been worse

Good end of a bad scale

could have been Badger

How bad were these clowns today around the ruck. Cows did everything they could to slow the play the ball, especially Hannant but we couldn’t buy a penalty.

This guy…Alan Shortall…is up there with or should I say down there with Henry…Gumby…the ‘strip’ he called on Rowdy convinced me his eye’s are painted on…

I must make a confession Geo - the character reference i gave the ref after that strip wasn’t my greatest moment.

Can anybody who went to the game confirm or deny; on telly the cows looked continually offside for long periods?

Though they probably could have a few times more often, the refs didn’t blow a lot of penalties which kept the game flowing. I was happy with that after last week’s farce. However, the video refs loved us today - no way Teddy’s try was a try and the Cows ‘No Try’ would’ve been given the green light more often than not. Nice to be on the right end of the pineapple for once :slight_smile:

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