Corey Parker

Rumours going around that he has been pushed into retirement by bennett. Wouldn’t hurt to have a chat to his management. I reckon he would still have 2 years left(?) Handy addition and can goalkick. Thoughts?

Life will be good for Corey on the Couch…

lol why would any good players come here

I’d be interested, but what are we going to pay him with? We have higher priorities elsewhere for the money.

Never going to happen. He’s a Bronco for life and has already lined up numerous media commitments.
My wife is a big fan of the silver fox though!

When u a life bronco u get plenty of post footy career options. Maybe a payback for salary cap deals !!

He’s a 1000 years old, no thanks.

We can’t even afford Elijah Taylor!!!

He should go into commentary, he speaks very well.

Wouldn’t have taken him five years ago.

Theres more to meets the eye on Parkers retirement.

I think he still has a lot to offer. I’m not the biggest fan but he is a winner and that experience would do wonders for the young guys. Even if he is getting older, he still would be the best backrower we have


He should go into commentary, he speaks very well.

Especially about himself. When he referred to himself as “getting better with age just like a fine wine” I nearly vomited. Good player but needs to go easy on the self-inflation of his tyres.

something’s always pissed me off about him - it might just be the Qld thing but who knows.

Also he’s old enough to have played for Annandale

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