Can anyone smell....

Jason Taylor doing a Brian Smith and start JLJ on the bench moving Rankin to half…… Chee-Kam to centre Simona to the wing and Edwards drops off.

…. What the Rock is cooking?

Eh…Eh…Cant see it…Unless injury to Littlejohn he will start at Half.
If there are issues then Lawrence to FiveEighth & cover 2nd Row from bench.

End the fantasies Maxxy

Havent really seen Taylor put up too many smoke screens
Usually we line up how and what gets released before the games

Petrol. I thought that’s what you say when you’re in the car, and its raining outside and all the windows are up.

Seriously though, just pick the players who make wests tigers a very competitive team all across the park.
Need toughness and speed.

Bbbrrrrrt……I just farted!!!

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