Really happy to see Blake Austin going well

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    Looks like he’s hurt his shoulder, but I’m so happy to see a great tellent going well.

    His service as Concord was top notch. I’m sure that if we didn’t have Moses coming through then he would have been kept.


  • He’s a good bloke too

  • His form this yr hasn’t been as good as last yr. I think teams figured him out so the dummy and go himself hasn’t really worked for him this yr. Good try tonight though.

  • He is a good player and a good bloke. Apparently a few young fellas rocked up to the Raiders training on the Raiders day off and Austo was there with a few Raiders blokes. He kicked a ball around with them and then also went to the teens game on the weekend, giving the half time speech.

    I remember as a 13 year old he followed me back on Twitter and Instagram, i sent him a dm as excited kids would and he replied. More than just a “hello” aswell, gave me tips on how to improve my game etc.

    Same goes to Jacob Miller and Blake Lazarus. Very good blokes.

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