Heres a gift to all the people i love!


Go the roosters….for tomorrow night !

We play the Titans and Panthers the next couple of weeks, destiny is in our hands.

We can do it.


Go the roosters….for tomorrow night !

Yes definitely for tomorrow night only! 😆 I think they are a good chance of winning, seemed to have improved a fair bit lately. Fingers crossed :mrgreen:

If we win 3 from 4 we will be there no matter what else happens.

Titans, Panthers and Warriors over the next 3 weeks. We win all 3 and we’re there, which sets up a massive game in R26 against the Raiders at the 8th wonder

Milky - how good is that.

Look at that points diff. We’ve taken 40 points off it in the last 3 games.

i really fear the raiders
once they get a roll on they just keep on coming

The other games, we have a real chance

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