By Wayne Cousins
13/04/2010 9:29:10 AM
Englishmen Mark Flanagan and Gareth Ellis showed up their Wests Tigers team-mates when it came to the round ball game at Concord Oval on Monday, April 12.

With spirits high in the camp following their win over the North Queensland Cowboys, the players took to a friendly but competitive game of soccer as part of their recovery under the watchful eye of High Performance Manager Steve Folkes.

Ellis and Flanagan were on opposing teams with ‘Flash’ Flanagan’s Reds team winning 4-1.

Flanagan, Lote Tuqiri, Benji Marshall and Junior Moors scored for the Reds with Ellis the lone goal for the Skins team. Prop Bryce Gibbs made some fine saves as the Reds goal-keeper. Liam Fulton and Geoff Daniela shared the goal-keeping duties for the Skins team.

“Our defence let us down today,’’ quipped Daniela.

Following the match, Ellis and Flanagan caught up with WTV to give an insight into their soccer skills. Ellis also talks about that ‘mysterious tooth’ and what happened to Flanagan in the pre-game warm-up against the Cowboys.

good way to keep all the player’s skills sharp.


😆 ^^^^^^^

how exactly?

by having players being able to move to left and right and have ball control with their feet.
sometimes during games the ball is kicked along the ground, if the players can do this reasonably well they may be able to continue to kick the ball, over the try line, fall on the ball and score a try.
also it encourages the players to change direction and options, if they are going to be challenged
is that enough.

its a good fun team building excercise

not ^^^^ that dribble


its a good fun team building excercise

not ^^^^ that dribble

good play on words 😆

Soccer is good for your centre of balance in Rugby League. But you need to have played it as a kid for a long time. Look at how Gareth Ellis and Hazam El Masri run. They run exactly the same way. The benefits are still there otherwise albeit not substantially.

Andrew Johns was a quality soccer player as a kid. It helped him develop great body equilibrium. Equilibrium is an advanced subject, but I will try to keep it simple. You and every human on the earth have something called “center of gravity”. This gravity center is situated (on every human being unless you are from Mars :slight_smile: in the middle of your torso (your torso is located just about at your navel).

Your body will be in equilibrium whenever an imaginary line from the center of gravity falls in the middle of the support area. In your and every soccer player’s body the space between your feet is what we call the area of support.

If your feet are together, the equilibrium of your body will be less. This is because your center of gravity may fall outside the area that is created by your feet.

The control and knowledge how to control this advantages Rugby League players greatly. I remember listening to Graham Arnold talk about it at a coaching clinic for Rugby league coaches and he explains it alot better than me.

This session at Concord was a way for Folkesy to beat the lactic acid out of the players bodies I dare say. The players looked like they loved it and I would have love to have watched them play and checking out their skills. Blokes like Robbie Farah are great soccer fans.

And that concludes today’s sceince lesson folkes…

Who would have thought you could get free english and NOW science lessons at weststigersforum.com!!! We really are breaking the mould here! lol

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