Balmain Side Round 6

1 Sean Meaney
2 Lee Bennett C
3 Brett Lane
4 Ben Macdougall
5 Sam Latu

6 Gavin Cowan
7 Darren Nicholls

8 Eloni Vunakece
9 Ryan Carr
10 David Gower
11 Rhys Curran
12 Matthew Ryan
13 Jared Farlow


14 Ryan Dalziel
15 John Clayton
16 Sioeli Makaui
17 Billy Callaway
18 Joseph Uliabau

looks like lazo is in

Are you thinking what I’m thinking???

No Blake Lazarus.

BTW how’s Rhys Curran been going?

Is Taumata still on the injury list?

Get ready for Friday night….Lazo has entered the building!!!

What about Mataka and the Shirnack brothers?

no lazo, taumata or either schinrack.

are any of those 4 injured?

Curran has been progressing fast.

No list as to reasons for missing players Hybrid

Jason and Arana both missed last week though injury and Dave Fifita was the only injury I know of from last week

Taumata is injured.
Lazo i think will be on the Bench

With Fitzy starting at halfback?

That will be as offensive as when Morris started at 7 with Mathew Head on the bench.

Shellharbor Side

1 Ian Catania
2 Jeff Zwolsman
3 Joe Vickery
4 Lulia Lulia
5 Daniel Jimenez
6 Ryan Millard
7 Brad Davidson
8 Luke Howell
9 Mataika Vatuvei
10 Aaron Henry
11 Jack Bosden
12 Mark Mooney
13 Scotty Jones

14 Sam Burns
16 Donas Gock
19 Dean Vicelich
20 Damian Paulissen

With so many Dragons forwards injured this is a very hard side to get research on now. With our own injuries it will be a tough encounter

That Shellharbour side is one of the worst Premier League sides ive ever seen named, theyd be lucky to beat one of the Bundy Cup sides. If BRET don`t win by 50 they are pretenders !!!

Rhys Curran is a real good footballer, id have no problems whatsoever if hes thrown into the first grade side sometime this season.

Winning the games you should on paper win by plenty can be harder than it seems.

I agree we should win but alot still depends on rule interpretations and we are asking two props who have not played with us in weeks to step up.

Looking forward to making the trip down though

Full time:
BRET - 16
Shellharbour - 8


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