2009 again Hayne flukes it

Just like 2009 up 8-0 early looking good, just like 2009 they take the lead, just like 2009 we fight back, just like 2009 Hayne flukes it at the end. now the media can go crazy over a field goal which anybody can kick and crap on about it for the next 24 hours and blow their load over it.

2009 titans will make the 9 now over this game after having a point from a draw that should get them in over us.

oh and just like 2009 a big injury that ends the season the tank ended up having his career ended in that game, Teddy broken jaw.

season over

They were much better than us and we got most of the tight calls.
No fluke.
Good players stand out in big moments…
Mich failed his test.

It had to be effen Hayne that kicked it didn’t it? We will never hear the end of it now! (insert vomit emoticon).

He shouldn’t have been allowed to play this season, imo.

if some guy named John Smith kicked the field goal we never would even hear about it, and 2009 was a fluke it was a lucky bounce that good him a try and then all we heard was ‘Superhuman Superstar’ from Ray Warren the next 4 years over and over again grab from that try over a fluke lucky bounce.

now all he does it kick a field goal which 75% of other players can do in the NRL and he is god again

we ddn’t get the tight calls over should have been up 16-12 instead dumb video ref turns the game there way and then they were on the attack for 20 odd mins, because of that BS obsruction rule

and thanks to the home ground myth warriors getting flogged I feel a little better now, because now we are still in this thing thanks to that game gonna be hard without Tedesco, it makes me mad though we could have been in 7th place


It stings, this one

ditto. but it was no fluke. He knew what he was doing cause that’s what he wanted. He stake a claim in the turf of his hometown. He wanted to acknowledge the birth place of his dreams. He acknowledged in the same breath that Moses and Tedesco are the future of the west.

People saying we didnt get the tight calls….am i missing somethng? We got blatantly robbed by Cummins

yes. King Sirro - you are missing something - so are we all - the last 2 goal kicks. Don’t go hard on yourself mate. There’s always next week. i.e someone who can kick goals - that’s the difference.

we are all angry, sad. dissapointed, cheated - - why can’t we get the basics right???

Get over it Champs come up with the big plays …chumps can please themselves .

since when os Hayne a champ? he has never won a comp? and only ever won 1 origin series even the god of 2009 did NOTHING in the garnd final

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