Can you seriously see Mullany playing first grade in the fut

He is a great player, although he lacks size.
Giving a few years do you think he will play first grade?

I would actually pick someone like Gareth Widdop over him, hes bigger and just as good.

All the best players that have ever played the game have all been smaller blokes. If they are tough enough, they are big enough. Like most young footballers Jake needs to toughen up a little before being seriously considered as a regular first grader, but on natural ability I think he`s a definate future first grader.

Widdop is currently playing 5/8.

I am willing to give Mullaney the time required to see what happens really. Alot can change in a few years. He may be a star or he may be a Coedi Towney turning out in Bundy Cup games

He isn’t that small…here’s how he compares to other NRL fullbacks

Jake Mullaney
Height : 175 cm
Weight : 77 kg

Preston Campbell
Height : 165cm
Weight : 73kg

Brett Hodgson
Height : 175cm
Weight : 76kg

Kevin Locke
Height : 175cm
Weight : 79kg

Matt Bowen
Height : 171cm
Weight : 69kg

He is a very talented footballer. Being of such a young age, its hard to picture where his body development will go. Since thier inception, the Wests Tigers have struggled to fill the Halfback and Fullback roles with exception to a few.

I think Jake will end up as a Halfback just like Josh McCrone at the Raiders…

yeah what happened to code Towney?

hes too good not to, he just has to keep developing


yeah what happened to code Towney?

Entrance Tigers. Killing it up there.

His best bet to be a success is to play this year in the 20s, then next year in the state cup and maybe even another year. Unfortunately I don’t think he’ll be patient enough too, another team will cone along promising hima first grade spot and probably double what we can give him.

I hope he doesn’t go for something like that because IMO waiting another year for the chance to play first grade with benji and Robbie would end up being well and truley worth it in the long run

Well I see a fullback spot that has yet to be filled on a full time basis…to me he has a boys body and not yet matured in that area…this is important as footy is a different game now than when Hogo started much bigger and stronger men. If the boy wants to put his apprentiship in I see no reason that next year with body development and gym work why he can’t press for the job and he can kick …this year no just wait a little longer.

Pointless speculation for mine!
Dealing with our starting team creates enough problems in this forum and in reality.
Let the youngsters go, their bodies and their skills need further development. Unless they are listed as FREAKs!

But to answer the question proposed in one word……NO!

If we are in a good position on the ladder n lote gets picked for origin, he may get a taste of 1st grade.

Not this year but eventually yes.

I love Mullaney, and I can definetly see him playing first grade.

I’d be surprised if it was this year, I think a promotion to State Cup at this stage of his career would be a better option.

I saw those stats of fullbacks, but just when you look at him, I don’t know. He just seems so much smaller than your average fullback.

I think the one decisive thing to get him into FG is goalkicking. He’s a point scoring freak, he can kick them from anywhere.

Fingers crossed!

Definitely has first grade written all over him …… but hasn’t completed his apprenticeship yet

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