Kidwell to split from Tigers

RESPECTED Kiwi assistant coach David Kidwell will be on the lookout for a new club now that he and Wests Tigers are parting ways at the end of the season. Kidwell has been the Tigers’ defensive coach for the past three seasons. He will continue his role with New Zealand at the Four Nations.


I expect Paws to come in a leap to his defence though.

@Cultured Bogan:


I expect Paws to come in a leap to his defence though.

Its obvious that the defense hasnt been as it should this year,although improving,there is more work to be done and I dont think Kidwell is the man to improve them,as he has had 3 years for minimum improvement…good luck to him at his next gig…

Smart decision by the club. I’ll be interested to see who he is replaced by. It’s clear our defensive structure has room for improvement.

He obviously had a pretty solid contract considering our defensive record over the last 3 years!

Looking forward to getting a replacement that gets good results - hopefully the officials have someone of quality already lined up.

That is a good decision.

About time !
I Hope Roycie isn’t coming back 😮

Time for him to move on.
I’d contact someone like Malcolm Reilly, he would certainly do a great job.

awesome! he was supposed to harden up our D and that really has not happened at all

being a hard player doesnt mean you know how to put in place good structures for our players and communicate it well to everyone.

i have a feeling someone else has been given a bit more power or influence the last few weeks. or maybe theyve been going kidwells way with someone else disagreeing and theyve finally decided to change it up and it’s worked.

but obviously thats completellly made up

This may be a WTF first - everyone on the same page.

Did we have a defensive coach?? lol. Yes time to go, while our middle has improved (could be due to elijah) our edge defence hasnt.

A complete failure. There may well be a God.

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