Penrith smashed us last night and the tigers were awlful defensively and mistake wise,sure no teddy but there have been games we have won and played well without teddy before,thinking before the game,forget both teams seasons were on the line,penrith would already be hurting we beat them last time so they were always going to be motivated for this one,penriths gameplan was to obviously come out play high energy and put as many points on us so that 1) tigers did not lead into halftime 2) the tigers had no chance for a 2nd half surge as the damage was already done……tigers should have been prepared for this,prepared to dig deep 1st half defensively and try and keep the game close at halftime,then to grind away the 2nd half to hopefully a tight win,but there defense was awlful,no desperation,and some very bad reads…where was the prreparation and effort?