What is your 2017 forecast for us?

With no signings in sight for 2017 it’s hard to see us being a force next year.
I think we will be competitive in some games but without any reinforcements it really looks like a copy cat Season of this year IMO.
Also experience is going to be lost with the absence of Halatau and Farah.

I expect players like Watson Heleta and Jacob Liddle to come into our Top 25 squad, Paseka and Stone look like good future prospects from the 20’s.

Also I think Roosters, Manly, Eels, Rabbits will have better Seasons.

What are people’s realistic thoughts and expectations for 2017?

I expect…Undefeated Minor Premiers and Eventual Premiers…

You get nowhere setting a low bar…

Way too early for this question…too many questions still unanswered.

Defense coach?


I expect…Undefeated Minor Premiers and Eventual Premiers…

You get nowhere setting a low bar…

Nothing wrong with having that positive attitude Geo but realistically ain’t going to happen with no real quality signings in sight.

We just need to keep improving. We need to do better then 10-11 wins.

Top 8 should be the goal otherwise its probably curtains for Taylor.

15th defensively 2 years into his reign where it was his number 1 focus area is alarming.

Sacking the defence coach I feel was a good move. We need accountability.

A replica of this season … Without all the drama, I hope

It all depends on Taylor’s hooker policy .

It takes time to get off the bottom of the ladder, this year we improved a lot on last year and another 12 months I guess we should be right in the mix for the eight or maybe even better, but you need luck and a good run run with injuries

Assuming Farah gone and Liddle into the top 25 - 6th.

Is Taylor signed for next year? I thought his only guarantee for an extension was if we made the finals, which we haven’t.

A couple of fringe first graders signed from other clubs and be spoken about as saviours or much better than what we have.

Big chance for the NSW cup premiership, lots of talk around our tight salary cap situation, and other clubs to pick the eyes out of our squad.

The last few months have been very positive and if we can take that same attitude into next season we will give the 8 a shake. The attitude overall has been fantastic. The ingredients are there.

Once again it will a roller coaster of emotions. :deadhorse:
Elation and frustration. :brick:
Sums up majority of seasons so far, and don’t see 2017, being anything majorly different. 😒

cloudy with a chance of cutlery

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