Final result wests- tigers -v-Warriors

for the 2nd last time this season, 😆 unless a minor miracle occurs 😒

the final result this week will be

wests tigers 25
warriors 18

halftime 12 ALL

mom Luke Brooks

wests tigers redeem themselves from a poor performance :brick: 😊 against the panthers, and play like they did in the Cowboys match. 🙏

that score sounds good. As long as fhe panthers do us a favour first and knock of fhe titans. I reckon

Tigers 26 - warriors 24

Without Teddy our ability to score points is limited.

Lawrence and Aliolo look tired and need of a rest.

Lack of a proper hooker is costing us big time

Warriors by plenty to give their forward and against a boast.

Hard to see us winning, playing away, no Tedesco and a few players seem to have hit the wall, in saying that we usually back up pretty well from a bad run at our last start.

Still I think it could get ugly, I tip the home side by 18

Super coach and Everett I reckon your both close to the mark and I’d be very surprised if we won. First half will see how ON they are.
Think we will get pumped when the changes come into play and won’t be able to go with them.
Warriors 30 Us 16
Half time them 14-6

Nothing would surprise here - a comfortable win for either team isn’t out of the question.
At a random guess, 30-16 NZW.

45-12 to them we will put up a fight for 60 mins but drop off at the end no teddy,Farah, Lawrence injured

we win 120-0 and leapfrog penrith in our last game


we win 120-0 and leapfrog penrith in our last game

I am just being a realist 😉

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