Farah Set to sue the Tigers

Farah set to sue the Tigers

By Tony AdamsAugust 27, 2016
THE Robbie Farah saga is set to take a sensational turn with the star hooker considering taking legal action against Wests Tigers for harrassment in the workplace.

Sources close to Farah have told RLW that the Blues State of Origin hooker has reached the end of his tether and has barely been seen at the club for training this week.

Farah has sought legal advice and is believed to be set to launch a claim that he has been bullied and harrassed by club officials.

Farah is also likely to claim that his long-running feud with coach Jason Taylor has caused him depression-like issues.

Farah has been involved in a bitter war with Taylor over his position in the top grade all season.

He was due to play for the Tigers in the NSW Cup last weekend but pulled out of the team at the last minute, allegedly because of a virus.

Farah has a year to run on his contract with the Tigers but has been in talks with Souths for 2017.

What a dickhead if this is true or its probably just another slimy Sam move to get out of the contract. However if he really hasn’t turned up to training Tigers should be issuing the breach notice like Eeels did with Foran

I reckon he is right but at the same time you are right. If he does this he is a peanut of the highest order.

Let’s wait and see what happens but this situation is a mess. He is being bullied and harassed. He isn’t getting picked when he is the best option. It’s impacting the team’s performance negatively as well.

At the same time I really don’t see why you would bother with this crap. Move on or stay. If you choose to stay then play to the best of your ability wherever you are chosen.

He must have bad advisors as well as being highly immature.

I should add let’s wait and see what happens. Hopefully this is just another media beat-up.

If this goes to court it’s going to end badly for all parties concerned. Can’t see a winner in this, nor the point to be honest.

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