Ryan James Strikes again

Looks like ryan james has buckled another player for the year. The clown shouldnt even be playing. poor CRG

6 weeks

Broke Teds jaw last week, broke Gillards spine this week. Grub, theres no way he doesn’t intend injury.

Gus advised that RCG fracture his spine. My reply…

@Gus10Gould you mean had his spine fracture by Ryan James

textbook “prowler” tackle….

I’m sure the owners of the Titans will let it slide once again

Judiciary will charge RCG for backing in to him


textbook “prowler” tackle….

Yeh foul play if I’m not mistaken

Fox sports have a video of this

Some of these forwards should gang up on James and give him a dose of his own medicine

I’d much rather see the Titans rubbed out of the finals.

Karma will see to this serial grub !

My missus watches the highlights of WT’s game with me - she is completely alien to the game but loves it genuineness, skill and force. But she hates the dirty dangerous stuff like against Teddy and the lack of penalty. Now she learns about the same guy doing someone’s spine in it makes her blood boil and turns her off the game. This aspect is just as important as any other aspect.

Just saw it on the footy show
Nothing in it

jeez, this forum loves getting up in arms about it.

i get we’re all biased, but a touch of rationality wouldnt go amiss.

tedesco fell into the tackle at HIGH SPEED. very hard to adjust and unfortunately his jaw was broken. a week or so suspension would have been fine for the high tackle

this week, it was such an innocuous tackle that happens maybe 5-10 times a game and no one says a word.

It looked pretty innocuous, to say the least. Not deserving of anything imo.

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