Press conference

Anyone also watch the NZ press conference? McFadden spent about 2 minutes taking about the disallowed tries.

However, credit to Taylor and the team, they have refused to blame referee decisions for any loss all season. Yesterday, when arguably the rub off the green goes Wests way, Taylor can simply say with authority, “you can’t run around your own player and get an advantage.”

What a bunch of tossers are these New Zealand Journo’s .

They kept going on about these 2 No Try decisions that went against the Warriors , Jason Taylor and Aaron Woods explained it pretty well….you simply can’t run around your player to gain an advantage .
These Morons tried to take the gloss off our brilliant win , we played well in patches and not so well in other periods but we hung in there and never gave up .
We had Lovett and Sirro sick…so we dug deep and full credit to the Coaching staff and players for giving us a cracking final game .

So Curtis was sick.
Lots of guys in live game thread were ripping JT for not playing him.
Any excuse to attack the coach.

Warriors seemed to overlook that they scored a try after Vatuvei touched a 40/20 with a foot in touch.,

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