Final result - Wests Tigers v Raiders

  • This week, the final score will be:

    wests tigers 25
    raiders 18

    halftime wests tigers 13
    raiders 12

    crowd, big, MOM Luke Brooks.

    as long as wests tigers win, I will be very pleased, and might just finish my bottle of Jim Beam Devil’s Cut bourbon to celebrate, whilst eating chocolate. :righton:

  • As i said against the cows,the tigers are a 10 point better team at leichhardt . We Win 24-10

  • Wests Lemmings 25
    Canberra Faders 24.

    Half-time 16-4 to us. MOM Chrissy ‘Rowdy’ lawrence

  • Raiders 28
    Tigers 16
    Not feeling it today unfortunately, got a feeling the Leichhardt crowd will be disappointed. Hope I’m wrong

  • So difficult to predict. Going to depend on how well the players have recovered, or are recovering, with the wretched virus that has gone through the team. Can take time to feel %100 after going down. Even possible some players have the virus without showing symptoms accept won’t have the same energy level.
    For the above reasons alone I predict -: hope I’m wrong too !!!
    Raiders 30
    Tigers 18
    And then there’s the Teddy Factor!!!

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