Is this a successful year (ahead of Sunday's game)?

Interesting to read Brooks’ comments the other day that if Tigers miss the Top 8, they will mark it down as a failed year, because their goal was to play finals this year.

Got me thinking, if we lose this weekend, would you classify 2016 as a successful year? Or would you look back on it like a 2007 or 2009, where we should have made the Top 8 and did not?

Personally, I had low expectations, so to be on the cusp of finals footy, I think I’ll still be positive even if we don’t make it this year, esp because the performances have arguably improved as the season has matured.

Surely JT has done a decent job this year - with 1 game to play we have 11 wins, something we have not achieved since 2011. On the other hand, we have won 10 or more games in all bar 5 seasons, so 11 is par for the course (the actual average is 10.5 wins per season).

Our attack is better (points per game) than any season since 2011, though we are actually conceding slightly more points per game than last year (that 60-pt thrashing not helping).

But for the 6-game losing streak between rounds 3-8, the rest of the season has been pretty good.

I think it also gives some perspective on what a fine line there can be between finals and no finals. We had 10 wins in 2014 and finished 13th, 10 wins in 2004 and finished 9th. We had 14 wins in 2005 and finished 4th. We may find ourselves with 12 wins this year and still finishing 9th (just like 2009).

This was discussed in another thread - I really hope it’s viewed as a failure, or at least a minor success. The club should be striving for excellence and that means we’ve a long way to go, regardless of what happens this weekend. The back half of the season shows we appear to be moving in the right direction, but we’re not there yet.

They’ve surpassed my expectations even if they come in 9th

Now I’m leaving this thread before it descends into the usual shtfight…

I guess it depends individually on what the season is compared to, how it will be judged.
Brooks and the boys aimed for top 8 so as he said, if they miss, they will fail. Its a minimum goal for all teams in this comp.
I posted earlier it is mediocre in a way to be excited about us being still in the mix come the final week of the premiership rounds - but thats how I feel - becuase usually by this stage our season is well and truly over.
Theres improvemenet there, more maturity at times it seems, attitude in defence has improved but execution here still needs much more work. On the road wins in Bris and NZ, beating the premiers…all things I wouldnt have imagined last Feb.
Its been succesful compared to the last few years

Under the circumstances, no money, still trying to sort the books out, the Farah drama, the coaching drama’s since the end of 2012……yes yes I would say it’s been successful.

We’re moving in the right direction.

How to fence sit. The team has made some major steps in the right direction with their attitude. The ‘never say die’ wasn’t there last year. The patience and willingness to take better control rather than go for the miracle play is a big step in the right direction. The defensive scramble and play for your team mate has improved.
Having said that, I wanted to see them in the 8 this season.

An improving team heading in the right direction.however, Missing the 8 can never be considered a successful year.

I expected us to be on the “cusp” as put by the OP, but with the coach getting the team on board with the demotion of Farah and subsequently performing, well that is a success. The culling over the off season and the additions that allowed, together with staffing changes were also successful.

Having independents on the board and a passionate chair has been a great change for mine and created a path for success that the club is now well down. The future is a lot brighter than it has been.

Yes it is a success, not a glorious year but better than what I thought it would be given the off field difficulties we’ve faced.

I had us pegged for 12th or 13th, so it is above my expectations.

Still inconsistent, but getting there slowly. Defence is still a worry but hopefully we see some development there next year under a new assistant.

If you told me in round 10 we’d be in the running for the 8 in the last round of the season proper I’d have laughed myself silly.


Under the circumstances, no money, still trying to sort the books out, the Farah drama, the coaching drama’s since the end of 2012……yes yes I would say it’s been successful.

We’re moving in the right direction.

Have to agree mate,people still forget that we have had very young inexperienced playmakers learning what NRL is all about,this season they have improved greatly albeit Brooks maybe a bit behind Moses developement,but they are learning fast and going forward….has this year been successful ? ABSOLUTELY.

It’s an improved team , and it’s been an ok year to date , sneak into the semis and that will add a bit more for next year

theyve surpassed low expectations, its been okay

There have only been 15 teams in the comp this year(parra cheated)so in my mind 8th or better is an ok year 9th or below means we are below the majority of the teams.After a horrendous early half of the season the team has improved.I would consider to get to the 2nd week of the semis i would classify it as a good year.Lets hope that it happens

I’d say in terms of how badly the selecting of our top 25 was managed, and the dramas that have again played out through the year it has surpassed people’s expectations of what we would achieve in 2016. In terms of black and white (and orange) success, if we don’t make the 8 then it has been unsuccessful as ultimately that’s what every team plays in the NRL for. If we manage to sneak into the 8 then I believe that will impact our lads greatly going into next year.

Personally i’m sure the boys have achieved some goals. Teddy making SOO, Moses standing up as a leader, Woods moving the team forward in his first year of captaincy, our forward pack playing more consistently, the team playing so well without a recognised hooker for half of the year (simply stating facts, i’m not trying to fuel the ± Robbie debate). All of these are big positives that we can take into next year with the prospect of a better squad of 25 players we can call on throughout the year and the prospect of team signings things are on the up!


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