Forum to close for Balmain fans

With the performance of the servers considered, the moderators have decided to block access to for anyone who was a Balmain fan.

“Let’s be clear, we arnt playing favourites here, we’ve just made an honest assessment of where the forum is going and after a lot of deliberation, the decision was made that former Balmain fans had nothing to offer this community anymore.” said Kul, Administrator of

The decision was strongly applauded by Wests Tigers board member Mike Bailey, who suggested that anyone who disagrees should appreciate that the long term future is more important than loyalty.

“It’s totally acceptable to cut off fans, they don’t mean much these days and who gives a rats arse if they fork out their own cash in support of a cause. We have the perfect example in Robbie Farrah, who’s loyalty is as disposable as my credibility as a board member.”

The decision, announced this morning, means that any Wests Tigers fan who has Balmain roots will be barred from accessing from midnight 2 September.

“We’ve made the decision to forget everything that these fans have given to and for the club,” said Kul.

“Instead, look at this amazing new feature that we are installing, where buttons flash when you click them! The future of is secured with advancements like these which will bring thousands of new members to the site!”


Well written Kul :slight_smile:

Deadset Kul,are you bored or did you decide that there isnt enough antagonism here already……funny piece though mate…


better grammar and language than some of DT’s articles

Wouldn’t look out of place in the 'Toota Advocate.

That lifted my spirits well done

Totally agree Kul, I mean really do we need those pesky Balmain fans using up valuable bandwidth that could be afforded to Wests fans, and really what has the Balmain side contributed to the JV recently, I mean how long since they even provided a better than Reggies quality player to the ranks, and the fans, don’t get me started on them but let’s just say they have never really contributed anything constructive to the forum so yep, good call. 😉

As a retaliatory action only Balmain fans can have Fish & Chips & a Beer for $15,wait a minute… that’s dearer than i pay at the local Pub.??

very good :slight_smile:

Discussion with my eldest son (Year 7) a few weeks back

Balmain…. Whats that Dad??? Is that something that was around in the 1900s

a way of kulling numbers I guess……

I look forward to the angry replies from people who have commented before reading the entire post or have missed the joke.

Is Robbie’s café only serving Tigers club fans?

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