2016 In Review

  • Positives & Negatives

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    1. In contention till r26
    2. Mitchell Moses a revelation
    3. Robbie Farah’s money for salary cap space ($200,000)

    1. Atrocious defence at times
    2. Luke Brooks worst year yet

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  • Positives - Moses, Tedesco, Noffa, lower grades
    Negatives - Meh we didn’t make the finals again

  • Positives: Kidwell gone.
    Negatives: This may have been our best chance to make the 8 for the next 3 years. I fear that there will be a major rebuild coming.

  • Adding to the positives.

    1. We’ve shown a bit of ticker in games where it was pretty much over at half time. I haven’t really seen the side roll over and die like in prior years.
    2. Getting rid of Kidwell
    3. When we’ve clicked this year, we’ve clicked and have seen a lot of potential.


    1. Defensively still bad. Nofo and Kev whilst great in attack seem to be all over the shop in defence at times.
    2. Simona has gone backwards as well as Brooks.
    3. No 1st grade hooker ready to go for next year.
    4. No goal kicker.
    5. JT still the coach? I just don’t think he’s the right guy to be honest.

  • We were better than I thought we were going to be. But we lack the mongrel forwards and quality centres that can tackle well enough to carry defensive liabilities like Brooks and to a lesser extent Moses.

  • Positve:
    some players have progressed well

    other’s haven’t and not living up to their " hype"
    goal kicking, & defence still an issue

  • Positives
    Moses, Teddy
    Nearly made finals.


    Robbin Farah drama had untold impact on team
    Nearly made finals - being in it for so long covered up lots of flaws
    Our defence
    Our mental toughness - it ain’t there

  • Thank god for Souths the Roosters and Parra and Newcastle for being so bad …I feel the roster is very poor and a coach that is not much better .
    The positives are finally getting rid of Farah and the front office seems to be in good hands once again.

  • Banned

    Mitch Moses making his presence known in games.
    Some of the forwards have really progressed.
    Got to round 26 still in contention for top 8.
    Robbie Farah gone.

    Can’t goal kick for ****.
    Right edge of Aloiai, Moses, Naiqama and Nofaluma absolutely dreadful. Even that’s an understatement.
    Not sure who we can pick up in the off season to strengthen our roster.

  • Positives: Tedesco, Moses, No Farah next year, Elijah Taylor, Nofo
    Negatives: cant defend, Ryan James, Hayne, Salary cap, 3 finals series in 17 year, Brooks getting picked instead of littlejohn, Brooks, Woods being the captain but not the leader, Titans fans roasting moses on twitter, more negatives than positives

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