Players returning

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    So with first grade out, does that mean we can expect MCK, Sironen, Edwards and JAC to return to our state cup team?

    Will be a strong team.

    1. Heleta
    3. MCK
    4. Peni
    5. Taylor
    6. Littlejohn
    7. Hunt
    8. Felise
    9. Liddle
    10. Grant
    11. Sironen
    12. Williams
    13. Edwards

    14. Graham
    15. Cassell
    16. Cherrington
    17. Lolo

  • We should have the others back. It is a strong side. But we need to change our game plan if we want to have a crack at the final. The ball needs to be Thrown Around getting outwide both sides quickly. Our outside backs need to see more pill as the forwards are taking too much control of the game. We have speed to burn out wide both sides and it’s been wasted. We are playing a similar style to the Bulldogs, too structured, forwards dominating and the backs aren’t getting the ball enough and it’s not helping them win games. We should be moving up in a line quickly in defence, watch our passing and not making any mistakes. Hopefully we get a great win against Wyong

  • I’d like to see Liddle and Felise go back to nyc, with those two I think they can win the comp.

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