What Song at the games?

I thought this might be a good change from the RF/JT/ player discussions.

It may have already been done before or maybe no one cares?

I was just watching the port Adelaide clip on another thread “Viking Clap” and they were playing Inxs - never tear us apart and the crowed was singing along, i don’t watch AFL so i don’t know if this is something they do at every game.

I hear they do it in baseball in the USA and so do the swans. The theory is it brings the crowed together and entertainment….

We get some poor artist to sing that no one listens to and can’t hear and we have “eye of the tiger” and Zepplins Kashmir when the boys are running onto the field. But we don’t have a sing along?

Some of our members have used songs in posts for inspiration!

I love music so personally i think it would be cool so my question is,

Should we have sing along and if so what song would you choose?

Mine is Foo Fighters - Learn to Fly

its not an anthem but I’ve seen a clip of people singing it and have sung it at their shows and its cool.


I love the atmosphere of EPL with them singing songs i reckon its amazing. I reckon it would be great, pick a song, send the words out and at the xx minute of the game sing it out.

Mmmmm. I’m one who doesn’t care; I just go to watch the football.

2pac …two of Americas most wanted…

Under Pressure would be a fitting one.

Big Girls Don’t Cry

It has to be something from the eighties as that is all they ever play at LO.

Well this is a very happy thread…

Leichhardt after 10 mins Sunday…


Well this is a very happy thread…

Leichhardt after 10 mins Sunday…

It is a very happy thread Geo 😉 😆 😆

I’ve said before -

Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

Pretenders, Middle of the Road?


2pac …two of Americas most wanted…

Hit em up from 2pac would signal our intention 😈

Playing ‘Heroes’ by Bowie this season has been pretty cool.

Depends on which side turns up. Last Sunday, Beck’s loser would have been a fitting anthem to walk off to

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