Feleti Mateo looking for an NRL club

Will be 33 next year

No way Jose


Will be 33 next year

No way Jose

Didn’t realise he was that old….thought he was late 20’s…pass then

I thought he retired last year…

Keep looking Feleti but not at the Weststigers

I reckon a big yes.

Would be cheap and has the ball skills we are sadly lacking in the pigs.

Why would he come to Wests? He locks in 3 Dally M points against us every time and that gives him leverage in salary discussions.

Nope. Too old and we need defenders more than we need attackers…

late 20s is old? geez I must be a dinosaur

No, prefer hard running back-rower not ball playing one as ET can fill that roll.

Hasn’t he already signed in the UK?

A thousand times no, in any case. Has been a super dud for a long time now. Except when he plays us (which is admittedly our usual recruitment strategy)

Mateo looking for a club?

If he comes to our door, I hope someone says “move on, nothing to see here.”

Keep looking Feleti.

I’d have taken him when he left Parra, not now though.

I wish him all the best in his search! He has been great in patches but we already have players that fit that profile.

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