Was at the club watch last night watching Queen Serena strut her stuff and on the next TV was AFL and half a dozen spectators in the club yelling out. So I peered over to the TV and just seen a guy catch a ball or something else just as simple as do a punt and the crowd were hysterical. What a flat tyre that game. Our islander girl teams in the Friendly Rugby Sevens in Byron every October long weekend would leave them for dead - literally and figuratively. The Friendly Sevens is worth coming to btw - all over in one weekend. Free entry. (except one year a big islander guy smashed an eleven year old in the head down the main street)

I agree with you BBF, AFL is a droll game.

There’s a first time for everything it would seem.

I’m hating seeing AfL Ads projected onto the Harbour Bridge each night. No one should have to right to do that.

a great few days fun. a few years back the male streaker did a cartwheel an did his back in. He lay there till an ambulance picked him up, so funny poor guy

It’s a sport which probably requires the highest levels of fitness compared to nay other i’ve ever seen. Different sports….

Union boys are biggest but not as agile, league guy are more agile and line breaking but still big enough to handle impact, afl running 20km up and down the field in a chaotic manner.

Force and Backs. But then again league hasn’t excited me at all this year. The ruck, the pushing etc

It’s not as fast paced and exciting as it used to be. I find myself barely watching any rugby league anymore…even with Foxtel. Maybe it’s just me. Relieved the season’s almost over and can look forward to the NBA.

I would love RL to adopt the 3 man scrum as they do in rugby sevens - a proper scrum and not holding the game up too much

Im don’t like AFL. I was invited to a game by a friend,the game after the goods boo saga! Ill say this much they do crowed entrainment better than the NRL!

I think on the entertainment front the NYC should be moved and we should bring the reserve grade game back as the opener. Those are the guys most likely to be stepping into FG so i would rather see them. I would go to games early for that and in turn spend more on beer and food.

AFL is more entertaining than NRL imo. Just need to watch the right type of game being played, a fast free flowing game which usually ends up being a high scoring game.

NRL is too structured. Every set look identical to the previous, apart from the odd line break.

I struggle to watch games outside the WT’s in NRL, on the other hand I can watch top tier teams in AFL even if I don’t supporter either in the fixture.

Each to their own.

I have a lot of Victorian friends who feel the same way about rugby league, they cant stand it and continuously bag it out but you know what, it sucks to be them cause i get to enjoy both sports. AFL is a great game to watch if like CocaCola said you get the good teams playing much the same as the NRL. Go the Swannies!!!

The only way I could enjoy AFL is to pretend that something is happening when of course nothing ever does.

It’s a great game and a lot more exciting than 5 hit ups and a kick league.


It’s a great game and a lot more exciting than 5 hit ups and a kick league.

Generally AFL is more exciting than NRL. Anyway there will be 80,000 people at a preliminary semi final tonight and that is something the NRL has never been able to approach for similar semi final matches.

I am sorry boys but I just can’t see anything in it. Of course both codes of rugby could be vastly improved but at least there is something to work on. AFL is sort of all fluff with no substance.

Geez, if the NRL keep serving up garbage like the penalty try decision in tonight’s semi, AFL will grow at a rate of knots

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