Who Do You Hope Are the Next Premiers?

Ok, a completely hypothetical question here, and I know some will say, ‘what the hell’……but…if you had to nominate one of the remaining teams, who would you like to see become the 2016 NRL premiers? To be honest, I actually quite like a few teams in the eight this year so I find it quite difficult. The only teams I really don’t like are the Broncos and Bulldogs so there’s a good chance I’ll be happy with whoever wins. I admire Melbourne’s consistency and the ability of the coach, but I can’t stand the Storm’s grubby tactics which they constantly get away with, so I’m discounting them too…It would be nice to see the Panthers win again for the people of western Sydney and the same can be said for far northern Queensland and the fact that Thurston and the Cowboys were dudded by the refs so many times. I’ve also, always, had a soft spot for the Raiders…but in the end I think I’ll hope that the Sharks win their maiden flag. It’d be good for the game in my opinion. Tell me what you think. I’d be interested to know.

Dogs or raiders or sharks

Storm… Listening to Fade to Black trash the Storm & Cameron Smith will be priceless

Seriously, I think it would be a great thing for the NRL to have the Cowboys go back to back. It’s been a long time since this has happened, and for them to keep the 2015 team together throughout this year is a great story. Their fans are the best in the comp also.

Probably the most disappointing finals for me in years. I hate every remaining club and i hate the game as a whole atm including the refs.

I hate Melbourne with a passion.

Hate Brisbane.

Couldnt stand Fafita, Gallen, Ennis and Maloney winning the comp.

Hate the dogs.

Hate Ricky Stuart, Jack Wighton and Shannon Boyd.

Hate Thurston.

That leaves Penrith but i cant see them winning it.

Gee im full of hate these days arent i

Raiders or Cowboys…

I hate the Sharks - watching Ennis mock the crowd after the match makes me wish they’d just get smashed by whoever they face next. And now that tool has apparently lined up a job at Fox Sports… Just keeps getting better, first Anasta and now that clown. Might have to switch back to channel 9 at some point.

Simple as ABC for me: Anyone But Cronulla

Cowboys to beat Storm in grand final.
Cameron Smith put in the sin bin for 10 min for blatant shocking professional foul at the 72 min mark.
Cowboys score in this time and win by 8 points.
Bellamy goes " off" after game on live tv, and in fined $50 grand.

Panthers, Raiders or Sharks. Hate Dogs, Broncos, Storm & Cowboys won last year.


Simple as ABC for me: Anyone But Cronulla

Good one !!! and mate I am with you and I will go one step further and love to see them get done in the 80th minute of the GF by a crap call

Anyone but the Sharks, its that simple. Seeing Ennis mock the crowd with the viking clap and Jack Bird holding his finger to his lips telling the crowd to ssshh only furthered my desire to see them choke. I’d probably support the Third Reich over the Sharks.

Can’t stand the Broncos or the Sharks.
Recently developed a real aversion to the Raiders.
Never had much time for the Bulldogs.

So Storm, Cowboys or Panthers I guess.

At least it won’t be Souths.



Simple as ABC for me: Anyone But Cronulla

Good one !!! and mate I am with you and I will go one step further and love to see them get done in the 80th minute of the GF by a crap call

Yep… Me too

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