McGuire, Broncos teammate come to blows.

  • McGuire, Broncos teammate come to blows.

    NRL finals tensions have boiled over at Red Hill with Brisbane teammates Josh McGuire and Salesi Funaki coming to blows at training on Tuesday.

    The incident was sparked by an overzealous tackle from McGuire on Funaki, a reserve-grader who has spent the year playing in the Queensland Cup for Wynnum-Manly.

    McGuire had to be dragged away by teammates while other second-string Broncos, including Herman Ese’ese, tried to calm Funaki down.

    It came in the middle of an intense session as Brisbane ramps up preparations for Friday night’s clash with North Queensland in Townsville, a rematch of last year’s grand final.

    McGuire said afterwards there was no bad blood between the pair, describing the scuffle as a sign of how seriously the Broncos take their training.

    “I turned my back on that and just walked away,” he said.

    "Things do get heated at training, that’s what it’s all about.

    "They’re all good now.

    "That’s the way Moosey plays, he trains the way he plays.

    “It does get a bit firey out there and people react different.”

    The Broncos will head north after their final training session of the week on Thursday.


    Good stuff, Hope Salesi put him on his arse.

  • Stick it to him Salesi!

  • ForumSupporter

    Should have put one on Unca Wayne’s chin for good measure…

  • @Geo.:

    Should have put one on Unca Wayne’s chin for good measure…

    This make wittle Darwius sad 😢

    Big tough Josh McGuire seemed to be taking a few backwards steps in the footage of the incident. And people call Ennis a grub 😒

  • @Geo.:

    Should have put one on Unca Wayne’s chin for good measure…

    Bloody oath 😆

  • 😒 Funaki couldve been plyin first grade now had he stayed. but he didnt so who cares.

  • What the Funaki

  • From the footage, didn’t look like much happened in the tackle…

  • Banned

    McGuire is a class A flog. Good job, other guy.

    Still remember when Mitch Allgood clothes-lined Peter Wallace. He stuck his hands up, immediately apologising, looking full of remorse, and McGuire runs over and starts laying into him.

  • Anyone who is prepared to to hit McGuire would look good in our colours

  • The title of this thread would be interesting to a dyslexic person……would put a totally different spin on things!

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