Wests Tigers stand down O'Neill ..

Please be mindful that nothing has been communicated by the club yet other than that there is an investigation underway. They are at this time only rumours and speculation as to the nature of investigation. I would ask members to be sensible about what they post in regard to this, otherwise the thread will be locked.

Wests Tigers stand down football manager Mark O’Neill over alleged misconduct

Michael Chammas
Michael Chammas

Wests Tigers premiership winner Mark O’Neill has been stood down indefinitely from his role as the club’s football general manager pending an investigation into alleged misconduct.

Fairfax Media understands the Wests Tigers are investigating allegations of inappropriate behaviour ​involving O’Neill and a colleague and he has been asked to remain away from the club’s Concord headquarters until the investigation is complete.

The Wests Tigers have informed the NRL integrity unit of allegations but the governing body believes it is a matter for the club to resolve.

Tigers chair Marina Go confirmed there was an investigation into the alleged misconduct.

“It is acknowledged that the board has been advised of an incident involving a staff member,” Go said.

“The board has instructed an independent investigation to be carried out. We will apply the proper legal process and until then I can’t make further comment.”

O’Neill, a former Tigers captain who rejoined the club this season to oversee its football operations, is one of the most respected figures in the game and holds a special place inside the Tigers organisation after helping the club win its only premiership back in 2005.

However the recent allegations have cast a shadow over his position at his beloved club, who only appointed O’Neill into the role in March this year.

The club is still investigating allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards the staff member, who continues to work with the club while officials delve into the matter.

O’Neill, who began his playing career for Balmain in 1994 played 102 games for the club before representing the Wests Tigers joint-venture on 121 occasions between 2000 and 2005.

The 41-year-old finished his career playing in the English Super League and worked with the NRL match review committee after hanging up the boots in 2007.

After eight years at the NRL, O’Neill took on the job as the general manager of the Tigers six months ago and had to oversee the departure of close friend Robbie Farah from the club to arch rivals South Sydney.

Fairfax Media tried to contact O’Neill on Sunday afternoon, however he declined to comment.

O’Neill was a notable no-show at the club’s presentation night in Lilyfield a fortnight ago, in which Dene Halatau and Chris Lawrence were inducted into the club’s hall of fame.


Seems out of character….though misconduct can be a very broad term these days


Never a dull moment at Wests Tigers 😒

Yeah,i thought he was going OK too,always something around the corner with a Football Club>It sounds serious with a “ïndependant investigation” and “legal process” phrases being spoken,normal process involves both parties being stood down so the fact its only Mark is also ominous.

Could be to do with the rumoured TPA problem

The fact the NRL has left it to the club to resolve suggests it doesn’t have anything to do with TPAs.

When I read it one thing came to mind immediately, but it would only be guess work on my part.


Could be to do with the rumoured TPA problem

News to me….care to expand on this one Kavi?

PM me if you like, keep the thread on topic

It doesn’t sound good. One thing comes to my mind as well.

innnocent until proven guilty

thought he was going solid

Not a good sign when ‘inappropriate behaviour’ is mentioned in a workplace environment.

I was hopeful for O’Neill but this does not sound good. Embarrassing at the very least.

Check out what Inappropriate Behaviour means….

No more jobs for the boys

Dont muck around with JT.

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