Storm v Raiders (spoilers)

Another game, another round of dodgy decisions. Looks like Melbourne are tonights chosen ones

I see the Storm getting the usual treatment from the men in the middle.
Harsh call on Hodgson there for Storm to get there 1st points

Oops my apologies started a thread aswell

Yeah agreed.

Nice Try by the Raiders

Lots of doubt on the grounding for cronks"try

God I loathe this grub club

WOW they have all the technology in the World with the bunker and the ref blows a Try before checking.
I’m not convinced Cronk has grounded that.
Piss poor reffing.
What a grub of a Club.

BS penalty
Wasn’t a shoulder charge

We had a detailed explanation a few weeks ago of what a shoulder charge is.
There wasn’t just daylight between Milnes arm and body…… There was a weeks worth of sunshine.
Some dodgy calls going Melbourne’s way… Hope it evens up in the 2nd half

Watching Melbourne defend makes me sick. Arm grabs & twists. Grabbing under the shoulders and twisting. If they force the ball runner onto their stomach. will place the elbow into the bottom of the spine and push themselves up.
It is disgustingly obvious, but neither the NRL or the referees are willing to crack down on it. The NRL is quickly making a joke of itself.

Storm fans don’t even know the rules to this game 😆 there calling out BS BS !!! when Cameron Smith strips the ball and Welch picks the ball up in an offside position 😒 should of been Penalty Raiders.

Raiders being bashed out of the game.

He didn’t play the ball… Yes just ignore that of course

No no not the Storm!

Last try ran into ref with the ball. Ball touches ref, game stops & is a scrum

They’ll name a grandstand in Melbourne after Erdick Lee

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