Mark O’Neill resigns (fired)

Wests Tigers can confirm that Mark O’Neill has resigned from his position as General Manager - Football effective today.

The Board of Wests Tigers is fully committed to ensuring the Club is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer and seeks to promote an environment that supports diversity, productivity and professionalism.

All employees have the right to be treated fairly and with respect.

Discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated and the Board will not excuse misconduct in any circumstances.

The Club intends to make no further comment on this matter.

In other words resign or be sacked, so the rumour about his drunken antic may be true after all.

Absolutely tragic for all involved.

So what know…do we get a new GM or continue as coach only?

Well - that was a disaster - not sure if Mark ONeills appointment achieved anything, other than damaging his reputation.

Obviously I do not know what transpired, but it is sad to see anyone stuff up their life over one silly thing

If nothing else it’s good to see the club getting its media strategy right. Got bad news to put out? Friday afternoon before grand final weekend. Keep it on the bottom of p62 rather than the back page…

Disappointing . However that’s business. The code of conduct is in place to protect a harmonious working environment. Days of the boys club certainly and deservedly coming to an end. No idea what he did or even rumoured to have done but language like that does not bode well in an official press release.

What a fool, such a privilege job and an honour to be getting paid working for the Club you love.

I’m so glad the Club has taken such action as no past or present player should ever misrepresent our Club or tarnish our Club with such actions.

Shame. I really have a lot of time for him. When i was at a training session earlier in the yr with my girlfriends brother who was recovering from a broken neck, buckets went out of his way and come over and spoke to us at length. But the club needs to take a hard line, so they should be commended for that. It’s unacceptable enough for players to be doing these things, let alone officials.

I always included him with Hodgo & Skando whenever I posted about class acts on & off the field.

Just goes to show even class acts can turn into those guys at the other end of the spectrum when on the grog (as I assume this was the case)

Let this be a reminder with work christmas parties not too far away

Well, if the rumour is true, he has no one to blame but himself. Sad way to go out given things were starting to look ok for the club.

He wouldnt be the first person or the last to do the wrong thing when on alcohol.Lets hope everybody else from the board coach and players has to comply with the same standards.
Mark unfortunately has thrown away the opportunity of a lifetime

i know what happened. it is fact he answered his door for p.a in inappropriate clothing

Bra, fishnets and suspender belt?

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