Million Pound match

Tim Sheens was supposed to be coaching Hull KR next year, but they have now been relegated from the super league and the future of the club is in doubt.

May also be some players coming on the market that could be snapped up cheap. Ken Sio, Mitch Allgood, Josh Mantenello (goal kicking winger), James Green, Thomas Minns.

None of those players are better than anyone we’ve already got. In fact they’re probably worse. You’re scraping the bottom of the barrel if you’re raiding a team who just got relegated in the ESL.

It was interesting to read the post match comments from the coaches. Both of them hated the concept of the match. The HKR guy was particularly poignant in what he said.

Mantenello is a great goalkicker… That’s all tho

Yeah Josh Mantellato was a perennial NSW Cup hero. He’s 29 and is never going to make it in the NRL. The others are also worse than what we have. If you want to raid Super League then you really have to go for the best players over there, and preferably limit yourself to forwards or wingers.

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