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I have always thought that women with strong/severe pain should not have to work during this period, nothing but cruel, especially so for those on their legs all day like nurses, cleaners. Knock a few sickies off the males if necessary to compensate.

@Cultured Bogan:

This will end well…


It is going to be a long off season if these are the discussion topics .

When I saw the name of the subject I thought it was a thread about Pascoe and co. being on leave during the off-season period.

I usually wish my missus would leave when she has hers,

If woman get leave for PMS (not for or against) then i want leave MSB, caused by PMS, wedding cake syndrome, head aches and so on.

I’m unsure how to reply just yet. Could be…

1. I agree with Bones - not about his missus but mine.
2. Nobody has mentioned RF yet.
3. Apparently they attract bears.

It’s only fair we get extra days for man-flu then.

Donald Trump was not trying to win friends and influence people when attacking Megan Kelly:

My ex had a terrible time during her periods and for everyone else as well but it did not stop me from loving her for decades. Well Hilary Clinton is beyond that era now so when she wins the USA presidency the nuke button should be safer.

And BTW Snake I am trying.

If it means Kyle Lovett being unable to play then I’m all for it.

Pretty harsh. He’s not the most gifted player but he has a go.

@Cultured Bogan:

Pretty harsh. He’s not the most gifted player but he has a go.

It was a joke that was just waiting to be made and he’s the easiest target.

I’m surprised Moltzen’s name hasn’t been thrown up yet TBH.

Moltzen…never heard of her…

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