Halftime Entertainment

Hello fellow forum members,

I just had a moment of brilliance regarding Halftime Entertainment.

We could have like an Auckland Nines series at halftime.

So how it would work:

Each of the sponsors across all NRL clubs would have to have a team of 9 or more players to play in the tournament. The players would just be workers who work for the Sponsor.

Then in the first 6 rounds of the NRL the home team’s sponsors will play off against each other.

Hopefully each NRl club can have 3 home games in the first 6 rounds.

Then after the club’s sponsors play off against each other the Nrl Club has to make the best possible team out of the players who participated in the 9’s games.

Then by the end of 6 rounds all 16 clubs will have an ‘all-star sponsor 9’s team’

Then in each game of the NRL at halftime each of the clubs 9’s team’s will play off against each other.

Then they all p;ay a regular season, the same as the NRL.

The top eight teams go through to the finals and play off.
Same format as NRL finals

Eventually we will have a champion 9’s team.
The winner will receive prize money for their club.

Let me know if this is a good idea or if I am going bonkers.

I am hoping halftime can become more entertaining an also spreading the 9’s format.

I think I feel a headache coming on!


I think I feel a headache coming on!

Just a thought

Would work better with 7’s…

As the current World Champions the NRL should pay us 2M to host it each week…

3.5min halves with a 2min HT to fit in the timeframe…

Just wanted more entertainment at half-time

Nothing will ever beat the running race relay at LO.

@Nucky Thompson:

Nothing will ever beat the running race relay at LO.


But on a week to week basis I would prefer to see an attacking game of nines

Did not hear one bad comment about the Auckland 9’s last year

I would like to see 9’s football played more often

I know it’s the off-season but please stop posting crap. I’ve already deleted one ridiculous thread and would rather not have to clean up any more spam.

Half time is the opportunity to go get some beers or food or have a leak etc…

I doubt the majority care about being entertained at half time.

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