Quickest at the club ??

Wondering who people think might be the quickest at the club from the expected Top 25 ??

Working off 20 metres , 40 metres and 100 metres

Over 20 metres I’d say Tedesco or possibly Naiqama

Over 40 or 100 metres I think Brooks

I don’t have the correct info , just wanted to know what people’s opinion are ??

Maybe if someone in the know has that info they could post it


Ava Seumanufagai…

I was almost right , I thought you’d say Tim Grant

And here I was thinking you are predictable :crazy

I’d say Teddy over the 20 & 40 metres. Simona over the 100.

Teddy and Frozone are very quick off the mark, Teddy holds his pace much better though. Moses is pretty quick and likewise Simona holds his pace well.

Teddy or Moses over 20-40 metres

Simona over 100 m



josh addo….oh


Here we go again.

He signed with Melbourne - we didn’t get rid of him.

Speed with no brains and no heart equals nothing.

I’m guessing Moses 20-40 Simona 100.

I’m guessing Mark O’Neill was pretty quick going through the exit door…

Throw Ryland Jacobs into the mix, but I’m certain over 100 its Jordan Rankin.

Thats why he is our Winger right?! 😆 😆 😆

i actually remember an interview with teddy either this year or last and he said simona was the quickest. teddy even said that personally he’s only quick over short distance and dies in the arse pretty quickly

Yeah Tedesco I am sure is not there over 100.

My guess is Moses or Brooks over 100, maybe even Simona, with the usual suspects Moses and Teddy over 20-40.

It used to be Rowdy over 100, how things change.

Can someone at the Tigers who reads this, consider if you are able to release such information to us, perhaps in your pre-season wraps that you have been doing with Marcus Cain?

Even if it’s just informal, not specific results or rankings, just the top few performers in some standout categories that you measure. Such info surely wouldn’t be too delicate/sensitive to release to the public? I mean surely other clubs know who your fast players are.

Hard to know how fast Simona actually is when he’s apparently been playing injured for the best part of 2 years. He sure gets run down a lot though on the very odd occasion he has made a break (not support).

Teddy, Moses and Brooks would be our fastest but Brooks would have the best staying power of our fast players. But that being said we are a fairly slow team across the field. And in our juniors too.

Kev might be in our top 3 over the first 15-20m but get’s snipered not long after that.

Would be interesting to see where Papenhuzen fits in, in limited opportunities he looks pretty quick.

Its probably Brooks Brooks and Brooks probably ….maybe he and Rankin can swap positions maybe lolz

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