2nd Phase Play Danger

I am probably stating the obvious here but it is so important that we wrap the ball up and limit the amount of second phase play that the Raider get on Sunday. Not only do they posses guys that can offload regularly (and effectively) but they also have the speed and sense to capitalise. To me this will be our biggest challenge and should be our highest priority on Sunday. Will it be Ayshford defending on Bronson’s side?

They have a great passing game and don’t have any fear of swinging the ball out wide……this game should be a cracker.

The Wt have to play hard, smart and patient…have a high completion rate and defend as you said, rapping their forwards up

It is our achiles heel at times. Teams like the Warriors, Parra, Penrith…teams that regularly get an offload away we struggle against…we will need to be on our game.

This is the smallest Raiders pack named this season since round 1 when they played the Tigers and were missing several of their big boys. That game was certainly open and quick. Harrison is the main offloader in the Canberra pack so the Tigers will need to be all over him when he runs wide. He’s far less effective when carting it up the middle. The Tigers defence has also improved since the start of the season and hopefully the Tigers are ready to tackle on Sunday arvo and don’t start the match like they did against the Cowboys.

Our scrambilng defence aint what it used to be.

Game plan:

  • Lock up the ball
  • Be in Campese’s face all game

I hope we get past the first phase. 😒

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