Broken jaw gives Aloiai timely perspective..

Broken jaw gives Aloiai timely perspective

Chris Kennedy Fri 23 Dec, 2016, 6:00am
By Chris Kennedy ‌, National Correspondent ,

Broken jaw gives Aloiai timely perspective
Josh Aloiai with Santa at Liverpool Hospital’s Paediatric Unit. Copyright: Wests Tigers.
Laying in hospital following surgery to put plates into a jaw broken in several places helped Wests Tigers back-rower Josh Aloiai appreciate how tough some people have it at this time of year.

Aloiai was among several Tigers players to visit Liverpool Hospital’s Paediatric Unit on Monday to hand out Christmas gifts donated by club members to kids spending the holiday period in hospital and Aloiai told that his own recent hospital stint meant he’d been particularly looking forward to doing something nice for the kids.

“With the time I spent in hospital recently I was really looking forward to doing this visit,” Aloiai said.

"I had some empathy for the kids we were about to visit and couldn’t help thinking about the toy drive we were about to do. I was really excited since then to do this toy drive.

“I couldn’t help but think about all the kids that are going to spend their Christmas in hospital.”

The devout 21-year-old said football was just as much about giving back to the community as what players do on the field.

“A lot of the kids are going through a tough time at the moment so for us to come and cheer them up a little bit I think makes a world of difference for them and we’re blessed to be able to do it,” he said.

"Footy’s not just about what we do on the field, not what we do at training; it’s about being able to use that to go and bless people.

“I know the boys love doing it and we love it even more once we see the reaction of the kids and the parents and the whole thing.”

Aloiai suffered the broken jaw just three weeks into the club’s return to training at a beach session but politely declined to dob in which teammate it was who clobbered him, causing several fractures to his jaw.

“Three weeks into pre-season we were doing a contact session on the beach and I just copped a bit of a shot in the jaw and got a few breaks. I had surgery that weeks and had a few weeks off but back training now,” he said.

“I can’t remember, I don’t want to do dropping any names, we’ll keep that on the hush!” he laughed. “Accidents happen, that’s footy.”

Aloiai is already back in full training minus the contact sessions.

“At the moment I’m back to everything except for contact, it’s been really quick actually. After the Christmas break I should be practically be into everything,” he said.

The former Eels NYC player – who in 2016 became the first Wests Tigers player to play every year in his debut season – said he’d be treating his breakthrough year as a building block while the club would feed on the pain of missing the finals by one game as it looked to go even better in 2017.

“Last year was a really good year [personally] and I’m really happy with how it went. That’s pretty much the building block and foundation moving into this year. It’s onward and upward this year,” he said.

“Being one game out of the finals really hurt. Even though we’re moving forward we’re holding onto that pain and we’re not going to allow ourselves to feel that again and we’re gunning hard for the top eight this year.”

What a fantastic young man Josh Aloiai is…a great asset to our Club…His continuing development on the field will go a long way to building our success…

P.S… I’ll drop it…Seumanufagai…

Not sure i like doing contact sessions on sand. I wonder if Ava collecting Josh high had anything to do with unstable ground effecting his timing and balance? Maybe Josh slipped snd dipped due to the grlund at the wring time and bang, broken jaw? Just guess work of course, but gee, i reckon a few injuries could come out of contact beach work that wouldnt necessarily happen on a normal surface.


What a fantastic young man Josh Aloiai is…a great asset to our Club…His continuing development on the field will go a long way to building our success…

P.S… I’ll drop it…Seumanufagai…

Josh is one of my favourite players. He has a way to go but gee the signs are there. Really like him.

@king sirro:

Not sure i like doing contact sessions on sand.

Exactly my thoughts.

We might not be the best team in the NRL, but we have the best crop of really nice kids who are credit to the club and their families and you know unlike what some people think you do not have to be mad as a meat axe to make the grade in the NRL

He is a player with a heap of potential and his attitude seems excellent given time he could be the back row player we desperately need.


@king sirro:

Not sure i like doing contact sessions on sand.

Exactly my thoughts.

Agreed it gives far more opportunity of getting it wrong i am surprised that the club does this.

I like him, seems like a genuinely polite, happy go lucky young guy. Could make a great PR face for the club because of how nice he comes across.

As a player goes, showed more in his first year than Siro has shown in 5. Became our first rookie to play every game in his first season and it did it without incurring the wrath of the forum which is some fete considering it doesn’t take much to be public enemy no 1 on here.

Yeah,he slipped on the sand and got sandwiched between Ava and Jesse Sue. Accidents happen,you could do an ankle or ACL on grass at training. Great kid

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